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Florida Home Realty Agents pride themselves on providing you with superior client service. Please take a moment to read some of our agents bio's and search through the private listings.

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Kathy Zorn





239-430-3995 (Naples)

239-992-3995 (Bonita Springs)

239-603-7722 (Ft. Myers)

Agnes Grajek

Email Address: Agnes@FloridaHomeRealty.com

Website Address:

Office Phone: 239-430-3995 EXT. 483

Mobile Phone: 239-580-8850

Aivar Krisenko

Email Address: Aivar@FloridaHomeRealty.us 

Website Address:     

Office Phone:  239-430-3995

Mobile Phone: 239-272-9006

Alice P Lopes-Geada

Email Address: alice@floridahomerealty.com 

Website Address:     

Office Phone: 239-430-3995  

Mobile Phone: 239-287-1022

Amy J Acker

Email Address: SellingSunnyFl@gmail.com

Website Address:

Local Phone:

Mobile Phone: 239-287-1841

Andy James

Email Address: AndyJames4@Gmail.com 

Website Address: www.AndySellsSWFLA.com  

Office Phone: 239-430-3995   

Mobile Phone: 239-253-6560

Andy Pierre

Email Address: andypierre.realtor@gmail.com 

Website Address:    

Office Phone: 239-430-3995   

Mobile Phone: 239-682-1836

Angie Pierce

Email Address: SouthwestFloridaRealtor@yahoo.com 

Website Address:     

Office Phone: 239-430-3995

Mobile Phone: 239-293-1466

Annette H Taworski

Email Address: Annette@floridahomerealty.com 

Website Address: www.BuyNaplesFLA.com 

Office Phone: 239-430-3995

Mobile Phone: 239-776-5054

April Marie Keating

Email Address: realestateinswfl@gmail.com 

Website Address: www.RealEstateInSWFL.net  

Office Phone: 239-430-3995

Mobile Phone: 239-384-4663